The poses are illustrated with yoga stick-figures. All yoga pose names are written in English and Sanskrit. Some poses are for beginners and some for more advanced yogis and yoginis. With this yoga pose chart you can create your own yoga flow for your home practice. This yoga poster helps you to remember the English...
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This 3-part Vinyāsa Yoga Flow is designed to let go of tension of your upper body and helps you to release tightness in your shoulders, chest and back. It opens your heart gently. All 3 parts end with Anāhatāsana (Melting Heart Pose), followed by a nourishing Child’s Pose. Printable Download 3 Sequences to print at...
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This series of powerful bīja (single-syllable) mantras are used in the worship of Śakti. They are special Śakti mantras for each of the great goddesses. List of 10 Shakti Bija Mantras The 10 Śaktī bīja mantras are: NāgarīScriptLatin ScriptPronunciationMantra ofॐoṃ“oom”Īśvaraऐंaiṃ“aym”Goddess Sarasvatīह्रींhrīṃ“hreem”Goddess Durgāह्लींhlīṃ“hleem”Goddess Baglāmukhīहूंhūṃ“hoom”Lord Śivaक्रींkrīṃ“kreem”Goddess Kālīक्लीं klīṃ“kleem”Kṛṣṇa & Sundarīश्रींśrīṃ“shreem”Goddess Lakṣhmīस्त्रींstrīṃ“streem”Goddess Tārāत्रींtrīṃ“treem”Goddess Tārā, Triśūla How To Pronounce Sanskrit...
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