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This series of powerful bīja (single-syllable) mantras are used in the worship of Śakti. They are special Śakti mantras for each of the great goddesses.

List of 10 Shakti Bija Mantras

The 10 Śaktī bīja mantras are:

PronunciationMantra of
ऐंaiṃ“aym”Goddess Sarasvatī
ह्रींhrīṃ“hreem”Goddess Durgā
ह्लींhlīṃ“hleem”Goddess Baglāmukhī
हूंhūṃ“hoom”Lord Śiva
क्रींkrīṃ“kreem”Goddess Kālī
क्लीं klīṃ“kleem”Kṛṣṇa & Sundarī
श्रींśrīṃ“shreem”Goddess Lakṣhmī
स्त्रींstrīṃ“streem”Goddess Tārā
त्रींtrīṃ“treem”Goddess Tārā, Triśūla

How To Pronounce Sanskrit Mantras

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Shakti Bija Mantras Explained: Pronunciation and Meaning

Śaktī “Shakti” is pronounced “Shuck-tee”. Śakti is the female elemental force and primordial cosmic energy of the universe.1

Om Mantra

Oṃ bīja mantra (pranic energy)

  • Oṃ is the sound of the universe
  • Say: “oom”
  • The sound of: Īśvara (Ishvara)
  • Purpose: opening and clearing your mind for meditation. 2Frawley p. 82

Just as all rivers commingle in the ocean, all mantras may be said to be merged in the supreme mantra Om.

Swami Krishnananda: In The Light Of Wisdom.

Aim Mantra

Aiṃ bīja mantra (Energy of sound)

  • Aiṃ is the feminine counterpart of Oṃ and often follows Oṃ in various chants.
  • Say: “aym”
  • The sound of: Goddess Sarasvatī (Sarasvati)
  • It’s about: learning, art, expression and communication.

Hreem Mantra

Hrīṃ bīja mantra (electric energy)

  • Hrīṃ energizes and directs the power of prāṇa. It is the main Śakti mantra.
  • Say: “hreem”
  • The sound of: Śakti, Goddess Durgā
  • Purpose: energizing your heart and providing warmth.
  • It’s about: magical force, captivation and empowerment.
  • Body part: your heart (spiritual heart, heart chakra, emotional heart and the physical organ).

Hleem Mantra

Hlīṃ bīja mantra (power to stop)

  • Hlīṃ brings the seed sounds of space (Ha) and earth (La) together.
  • Say: “hleem”
  • The sound of: Goddess Baglāmukhī (Bagalamukhi)
  • It’s about: holding and stabilizing the the power of prāṇa.

Hoom Mantra

Hūṃ bīja mantra (power of fire)

  • Hūṁ relates to fierce forms of the Goddess like Kali [kālī], Chandi [caṇḍī] and Chinnamasta [chinnamastā].
  • Say: “hoom”
  • The sound of: Lord Śiva (Lord Shiva)
  • Purpose: setting your fiery energy in motion and strengthening your immune system.

Kreem Mantra

Krīṃ Bīja mantra (electric energy)

  • Krīṃ, the “seed syllable of Yoga practice”.
  • Say: “kreem”
  • The sound of: Goddess Kālī
  • It’s about: work, yoga and transformative energy.
  • Purpose: energizing things to the highest level
  • Note: It is a strong mantra and should be recited with care.

Kleem Mantra

Klīṃ bīja mantra (magnetic energy)

  • Klīṁ is the softer, watery, more feminine aspect of Krīṁ
  • Say: “kleem”
  • The sound of: Kṛṣṇa and Sundarī (Krishna and Sundari)
  • It’s about: love and devotion
  • Purpose: helps you to achieve our true wishes in life.3Frawley p. 92

Shreem Mantra

Śrīṃ bīja mantra (lunar energy)

  • Śrīṃ is the mantra of faith, devotion, refuge and surrender
  • Say: “shreem”
  • The sound of: Goddess Lakṣhmī (Lakshmi)
  • Second name: “Rāma Bīja”, it is also worshipping Lord Rāma.
  • It’s about: the feeling aspect of your heart.4Frawley p. 90

Streem Mantra

Strīṃ bīja mantra (power to stabilize)

  • Say: “streem”
  • The sound of: Goddess Tārā
  • Purpose: increasing Shakti (feminine energy).

Treem Mantra

Trīṃ bīja mantra (power to transcend)

  • Say: “treem”
  • The sound of: Also Goddess Tārā but more specifically a mantra of fire, as well as it’s the seed mantra of the Triśūla (Trishula; the weapon of Lord Shiva).
  • Purpose: taking you across difficulties and overcoming inimical foreces.

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Frawley, David (2010:87-94): Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound. Secret of Seed (Bija) Mantras

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