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It’s not uncommon for yogis, both seasoned and newbies, to grapple with remembering the names of yoga poses. The dynamic blend of Sanskrit and English terminology can certainly feel overwhelming. Yet, knowing the names and meanings of yoga poses can deepen your practice and appreciation for this ancient discipline. In this article, we’ll dive into a comprehensive list of yoga poses, identifying each asana by its English and Sanskrit name.

Āsana Explained: What We Call Yoga Poses in Sanskrit

Yoga is an ancient practice full of rich history, and this shows in the Sanskrit names of the yoga poses. Each name does more than just describe a posture. It tells a story, connects us to the origins of yoga, and helps us understand the meaning behind each pose. Yet, as someone who practices yoga today, you might find these Sanskrit names a little bit tricky.

In Sanskrit, the word for a yoga pose is “āsana“. This word means “pose” or “seat”. So, when you hear a yoga pose name that ends with “āsana”, you know it’s the Sanskrit pose name.

The Magic of Sanskrit Yoga Pose Names

Understanding the Sanskrit names of yoga poses is more than a memory exercise. It’s a way to deepen your connection to the practice and its cultural origins. Sanskrit names often hold clues about the pose – whether it’s the body parts involved, the pose’s resemblance to a creature or object, or the desired effect of the pose. By exploring these names, we invite a richer understanding and respect for the depth of yoga as a practice.

Embarking on the journey to understand yoga pose names can be fascinating and enriching. I hope this comprehensive list of yoga pose names in English and Sanskrit serves as a useful guide, whether you’re lesson planning, studying, or simply deepening your practice. Remember, yoga is a journey, not a destination. So, enjoy each step and every āsana!

Three Ways to Name a Yoga Pose: English, Correct Sanskrit (IAST), and Common Sanskrit

In this yoga pose list, you’ll see each pose named in three ways. First, there’s the English name, which many of us are most familiar with. Next, we have the Sanskrit name written in IAST. This helps us pronounce the Sanskrit words as accurately as possible. Lastly, you’ll see a common version of the Sanskrit name. This version doesn’t include special marks called ‘diacritics’, which are important in Sanskrit but often left out in the Western yoga world. So, while this version isn’t technically correct, it’s widely used and recognized in many yoga communities.

International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST)

IAST, or International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration, is a system used to write the Sanskrit language using the alphabet we’re familiar with. It’s a way to see and write Sanskrit words when we don’t know the original script. This helps us pronounce Sanskrit words more accurately. So, when you see yoga pose names in IAST, it’s just Sanskrit written in a way that’s easier for us to read and say.

List of Yoga Pose Names

Dive into this complete guide of common yoga poses, each listed with their English and Sanskrit names. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, practitioner, or student, this list is a helpful resource to deepen your understanding and practice.

English Pose NameSanskrit Pose Name (IAST)Sanskrit Pose Name (Common)
Accomplished PosesiddhāsanaSiddhasana
Airplane PosedigāsanaDigasana
Archer Poseākarṇa dhanurāsanaAkarna Dhanurasana
Baby Cobra Poseardha bhujaṅgāsanaArdha Bhujangasana
Baby Cradle PosehindolāsanaHindolasana
Ball PosepiṇḍāsanaPindasana
Bharadvajas Twist Pose Abharadvājāsana IBharadvajasana I
Big Toe PosepādāṅguṣṭhāsanaPadangusthasana
Bird Of Paradise Posesvarga dvijāsanaSvarga Dvijasana
Boat PosenāvāsanaNavasana
Bound Angle Posebaddha koṇāsanaBaddha Konasana
Bound Angle Headstand Posebaddha koṇā śīrṣāsanaBaddha Kona Sirshasana
Bound Infinity Posebaddha anantāsanaBaddha Anantasana
Bound Lotus Posebaddha padmāsanaBaddha Padmasana
Bound Revolved Garland Poseardha baddha parivṛtta mālāsanaArdha Baddha Parivrtta Malasana
Bound Wheel Posecakra bandhāsanaCakra Bandhasana
Bow PosedhanurāsanaDhanurasana
Bridge Posesetu bandha sarvāṅgāsanaSetu Bandha Sarvangasana
Bridge Building Posesetu bandhāsanaSetu Bandhasana
Camel PoseuṣṭrāsanaUstrasana
Cat Posebiḍālāsana / mārjārāsanaBidalasana / Marjarasana
Chair PoseutkaṭāsanaUtkatasana
Chest-Knees-Chin Poseaṣṭāṅga namaskāraAstanga Namaskara
Childs PosebālāsanaBalasana
Cobra PosebhujaṅgāsanaBhujangasana
Corpse PoseśavāsanaShavasana
Cow PosebitilāsanaBitilasana
Cow Face PosegomukhāsanaGomukhasana
Cowherd PosegorakṣāsanaGoraksasana
Crane PosebakāsanaBakasana
Crocodile PosemakarāsanaMakarasana
Crocodile Pose (Ashtanga)nakrāsanaNakrasana
Crow PosekākāsanaKakasana
Dolphin Poseardha piñca mayūrāsanaArdha Pinca Mayurasana
Dolphin Plank Posemakara adho mukha śvānāsanaMakara Adho Mukha Svanasana
Double Big Toe Poseubhaya pādāṅguṣṭhāsanaUbhaya Padangusthasana
Downward-Facing Dog Poseadho mukha śvānāsanaAdho Mukha Svanasana
Eagle PosegaruḍāsanaGarudasana
Ear Pressure PosekarṇapīḍāsanaKarnapidasana
Eight Angle PoseaṣṭāvakrāsanaAstavakrasana
Elbow Stand PoseśayanāsanaSayanasana
Elephant Trunk Poseekahasta bhujapīḍāsanaEkahasta Bhujapidasana
Embryo In Womb Posegarbha piṇḍāsanaGarbha Pindasana
Extended Childs Poseutthita bālāsanaUtthita Balasana
Extended Frog Poseuttāna maṇḍūkāsanaUttana Mandukasana
Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Poseutthita hasta pādāṅguṣṭhāsanaUtthita Hasta Padangusthasana
Extended Leg Poseuttāna pādāsanaUttana Padasana
Extended Triangle Poseutthita trikoṇāsanaUtthita Trikonasana
Feathered Peacock Posepiñca mayūrāsanaPincha Mayurasana
Feet-Behind-The Head Pose Advipāda śīrṣāsana IDvipada Sirshasana I
Feet-Behind-The Head Pose Bdvipāda śīrṣāsana IIDvipada Sirshasana II
Figure Four Poseeka pāda utkaṭāsanaEka Pada Utkatasana
Fire Log PoseagnistambhāsanaAgnistambhasana
Firefly PoseṭiṭṭibhāsanaTittibhasana
Firefly Pose Bṭiṭṭibhāsana IITittibhasana II
Firefly Pose Cṭiṭṭibhāsana IIITittibhasana III
Fish PosematsyāsanaMatsyasana
Five-Pointed Star Poseutthita tāḍāsanaUtthita Tadasana
Floating Staff Poseutplutiḥ daṇḍāsanaUtplutih Dandasana
Flying Pigeon Poseekapāda gālavāsanaEkapada Galavasana
Flying Splits Poseekapāda kauṇḍinyāsana BEkapada Kaundinyasana B
Foot-Behind-The-Head Pose 1ekapāda śīrṣāsana IEkapada Sirshasana I
Foot-Behind-The-Head Pose 2ekapāda śīrṣāsana IIEkapada Sirshasana II
Foot-Behind-The-Head Pose 3ekapāda śīrṣāsana IIIEkapada Sirshasana III
Four-Limbed Staff Posecaturaṅga daṇḍāsanaCaturanga Dandasana
Frog Pose (B)bhekāsanaBhekasana
Frog Pose (M)maṇḍūkāsanaMandukasana
Garland PosemālāsanaMalasana
Gate PoseparighāsanaParighasana
Goddess Poseutkaṭa koṇāsanaUtkata Konasana
Gorilla PosepādahastāsanaPadahastasana
Half Boat Poseardha nāvāsanaArdha Navasana
Half Bound Lotus Forward Bend Poseardha baddha padma paścimottānāsanaArdha Baddha Padma Pascimottanasana
Half Bow Poseardha dhanurāsanaArdha Dhanurasana
Half Circle Poseardha maṇḍalāsanaArdha Mandalasana
Half Cow Face Poseardha gomukhāsanaArdha Gomukhasana
Half Four-Limbed Staff Poseardha caturaṅga daṇḍāsanaArdha Caturanga Dandasana
Half Frog Poseardha bhekāsanaArdha Bhekasana
Half Frog Poseardha maṇḍūkāsanaArdha Mandukasana
Half Happy Baby Poseardha ānanda bālāsanaArdha Ananda Balasana
Half Hero Poseardha vīrāsanaArdha Virasana
Half Locust Poseardha śalabhāsanaArdha Salabhasana
Half Lord Of The Fishes Poseardha matsyendrāsanaArdha Matsyendrasana
Half Lotus Poseardha padmāsanaArdha Padmasana
Half Lotus Tree Poseardha padma vṛkṣāsanaArdha Padma Vrksasana
Half Monkey Poseardha hanumānāsanaArdha Hanumanasana
Half Moon Poseardha candrāsanaArdha Candrasana
Half Moon Bow Poseardha candra cāpāsanaArdha Candra Capasana
Half Pigeon Poseardha kapotāsanaArdha Kapotasana
Half Wheel Poseardha cakrāsanaArdha Cakrasana
Handstand Poseadho mukha vṛkṣāsanaAdho Mukha Vrksasana
Happy Baby Poseānanda bālāsanaAnanda Balasana
Head-To-Knee Posejānu śīrṣāsana IJanu Sirsasana I
Head-To-Knee Pose Bjānu śīrṣāsana IIJanu Sirsasana II
Head-To-Knee Pose Cjānu śīrṣāsana IIIJanu Sirsasana III
Hero PosevīrāsanaVirasana
Heron PosekrauñcāsanaKrauncasana
Warrior 1 Posevīrabhadrāsana IVirabhadrasana I
Crescent Lunge Poseaṣṭa candrāsanaAsta Candrasana
Extended Side Angle Poseutthita pārśvakoṇāsanaUtthita Parsvakonasana
Bound Side Angle Posebaddha pārśvakoṇāsanaBaddha Parsvakonasana
Humble Warrior Posebaddha vīrabhadrāsanaBaddha Virabhadrasana
Himalayana Duck PosekāraṇḍavāsanaKarandavasana
Horse Face PosevātāyanāsanaVatayanasana
Infinity PoseanantāsanaAnantasana
Intense Half Bound Lotus Poseardha baddha padmottānāsanaArdha Baddha Padmottanasana
Intense Side Stretch PosepārśvottānāsanaParsvottanasana
Inverted Locust Poseviparīta śalabhāsanaViparita Shalabhasana
Inverted Staff Poseviparīta daṇḍāsanaViparita Dandasana
King Pigeon Poserāja kapotāsanaRaja Kapotasana
Lion PosesiṃhāsanaSimhasana
Little Thunderbolt Poselaghu vajrāsanaLaghu Vajrasana
Locust PoseśalabhāsanaSalabhasana
Locust Pose Bśalabhāsana BSalabhasana B
Lord of the Dance PosenaṭarājāsanaNatarajasana
Lord Of The Fishes Poseparipūrṇa matsyendrāsanaParipurna Matsyendrasana
Lotus PosepadmāsanaPadmasana
Crescent Moon PoseāñjaneyāsanaAnjaneyasana
Equestrian Poseaśva sañcalanāsanaAsva Sancalanasana
Bound Crescent Moon Posebaddha āñjaneyāsanaBaddha Anjaneyasana
Marichis Pose Pose Amaricyāsana IMarichyasana I
Marichis Pose Pose Bmaricyāsana IIMarichyasana II
Marichis Pose Pose Cmaricyāsana IIIMarichyasana III
Marichis Pose Pose Dmaricyāsana IVMarichyasana IV
Melting Heart PoseanāhatāsanaAnahatasana
Monkey PosehanumānāsanaHanumanasana
Mountain PosetāḍāsanaTadasana
Noose PosepāśāsanaPasasana
One-Legged Bridge Poseekapāda setu bandha sarvāṅgāsanaEkapada Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
One-Legged Down­ward-Facing Dog Poseekapāda adho mukha śvānāsanaEkapada Adho Mukha Svanasana
One-Legged Inverted Staff Poseekapāda viparīta daṇḍāsanaEkapada Viparita Dandasana
One-Legged King Pigeon Poseekapāda rāja kapotāsanaEkapada Raja Kapotasana
One-Legged Mountain Poseeka pāda tāḍāsanaEka Pada Tadasana
One-Legged Plank Poseekapāda kumbhakāsanaEkapada Kumbhakasana
One-Legged Scorpion Poseekapāda vṛścikāsanaEkapada Vrschikasana
One-Legged Shoulderstand Poseekapāda sarvāṅgāsanaEkapada Sarvangasana
One-Legged Upward Bow Poseekapāda ūrdhva dhanurāsanaEkapada Urdhva Dhanurasana
One-Legged Wind-Relieving Poseekapāda pavanamuktāsanaEkapada Pavanamuktasana
Peacock PosemayūrāsanaMayurasana
Pendant PoselolāsanaLolasana
Pigeon PosekapotāsanaKapotasana
Plank PosekumbhakāsanaKumbhakasana
Plow PosehalāsanaHalasana
Rabbit PoseśaśāsanaSasasana
Reclining Angle Posesupta koṇāsanaSupta Konasana
Reclining Baby Cradle Posesupta hindolāsanaSupta Hindolasana
Reclining Big Toe Posesupta pādāṅguṣṭhāsanaSupta Padangusthasana
Reclining Bound Angle Posesupta baddha koṇāsanaSupta Baddha Konasana
Reclining Hero Posesupta vīrāsanaSupta Virasana
Reclining Pigeon Posesupta kapotāsanaSupta Kapotasana
Reclining Revolved Eagle Posesupta parivṛtta garuḍāsanaSupta Parivrtta Garudasana
Reclining Staff Posesupta daṇḍāsanaSupta Dandasana
Reclining Thunderbolt Posesupta vajrāsanaSupta Vajrasana
Reclining Tortoise Posesupta kūrmāsanaSupta Kurmasana
Reclining Tree Posesupta vṛkṣāsanaSupta Vrksasana
Reclining Twist Posesupta matsyendrāsanaSupta Matsyendrasana
Reverse Corpse PoseadhvāsanaAdhvasana
Reverse Table Poseardha pūrvottānāsanaArdha Purvottanasana
Reverse Triangle Poseviparīta trikoṇāsanaViparita Trikonasana
Revolved Boat Poseparivṛtta nāvāsanaParivrtta Navasana
Revolved Chair Poseparivṛtta utkaṭāsanaParivrtta Utkatasana
Revolved Down­ward-Facing Dog Poseparivṛtta adho mukha śvānāsanaParivrtta Adho Mukha Svanasana
Revolved Garland Poseparivṛtta mālāsanaParivrtta Malasana
Revolved Goddess Poseparivṛtta utkaṭa koṇāsanaParivrtta Utkata Konasana
Revolved Half Lotus Poseparivṛtta ardha padmāsanaParivrtta Ardha Padmasana
Revolved Half Moon Poseparivṛtta ardha candrāsanaParivrtta Ardha Chandrasana
Revolved Hand-To-Big-Toe Poseparivṛtta hasta pādāṅguṣṭhāsanaParivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana
Revolved Head-To-Knee Poseparivṛtta jānu śīrṣāsanaParivrtta Janu Sirsasana
Revolved Reclining Big Toe Poseparivṛtta supta pādāṅguṣṭhāsanaParivrtta Supta Padangusthasana
Revolved Split-Legged Headstand Poseparivṛttaikapāda śīrṣāsanaParivrttaikapada Sirsasana
Revolved Thunderbolt Poseparivṛtta vajrāsanaParivrtta Vajrasana
Revolved Triangle Poseparivṛtta trikoṇāsanaParivrtta Trikonasana
Revolved Wide-Legged Forward Bend Poseparivṛtta prasārita pādottānāsanaParivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana
Rooster PosekukkuṭāsanaKukkutasana
Sage Vishvamitra’s PoseviśvāmitrāsanaVisvamitrasana
Scale Lifted Lotus Posetulāsana / utplutiḥTulasana / Utpluti Dandasana
Scorpion Posevṛścikāsana IVrschikasana I
Scorpion Handstand Posevṛścikāsana IIVrschikasana II
Easy PosesukhāsanaSukhasana
Shoulder Press PosebhujapīḍāsanaBhujapidasana
Shoulder Stand Posesālamba sarvāṅgāsanaSalamba Sarvangasana
Side Bow Posepārśva dhanurāsanaParsva Dhanurasana
Side Crow Posepārśva bakāsanaParsva Bakasana
Side Fetal Posepārśva śavāsanaParsva Savasana
Side Lunge PoseskandāsanaSkandasana
Side Plank PosevasiṣṭhāsanaVasisthasana
Side Plow Posepārśva halāsanaParsva Halasana
Sleeping Yogi Poseyoga nidrāsanaYoga Nidrasana
Snake PosesarpāsanaSarpasana
Sphinx Posesālamba bhujaṅgāsanaSalamba Bhujangasana
Staff PosedaṇḍāsanaDandasana
Standing Backbend PoseanuvittāsanaAnuvittasana
Standing Forward Bend PoseuttānāsanaUttanasana
Standing Half Forward Bend Poseardha uttānāsanaArdha Uttanasana
Standing Splits Poseūrdhva prasārita eka pādāsanaUrdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
Supported Headstand Posesālamba śīrṣāsanaSalamba Sirsasana
Table PosebhārmanāsanaBharmanasana
Table Twist Poseparivṛtta bhārmanāsanaParivrtta Bharmanasana
Thread The Needle Posepārśva bālāsanaParsva Balasana
Three Parts Forward Bend Posetiryaṅ mukhaikapāda paścimottānāsanaTiryang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana
Thunderbolt PosevajrāsanaVajrasana
Tiger PosevyāghrāsanaVyaghrasana
Tortoise PosekūrmāsanaKurmasana
Tree PosevṛkṣāsanaVrksasana
Tripod Headstand Posemukta hasta śīrṣāsanaMukta Hasta Sirsasana
Twisted 1-Legged Arm Balance Poseekapāda kauṇḍinyāsana AEkapada Kaundinyasana A
Unsupported Tiger Posenirālamba vyāghrāsanaNiralamba Vyaghrasana
Upward Bow Poseūrdhva dhanurāsana / cakrāsanaUrdhva Dhanurasana / Chakrasana
Upward Facing Dog PoseUpward-Facing DogUrdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog)
Upward Facing Forward Bend Poseūrdhva mukha paścimottānāsanaUrdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana
Upward Lotus Poseūrdhva padmāsanaUrdhva Padmasana
Upward Plank PosepūrvottānāsanaPurvottanasana
Upward Salute Poseūrdhva hāstāsanaUrdhva Hastasana
Upward Salute Side Bend Posepārśva ūrdhva hāstāsanaParsva Urdhva Hastasana
Warrior 2 Posevīrabhadrāsana 2Virabhadrasana 2
Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend Poseupaviṣṭa koṇāsanaUpavista Konasana
Wide-Legged Forward Bend Poseprasārita pādottānāsanaPrasarita Padottanasana
Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose Aprasārita pādottānāsana IPrasarita Padottanasana I
Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose Bprasārita pādottānāsana IIPrasarita Padottanasana II
Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose Cprasārita pādottānāsana IIIPrasarita Padottanasana III
Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose Dprasārita pādottānāsana IVPrasarita Padottanasana IV
Wild Thing PosecamatkārāsanaCamatkarasana
Wind-Relieving PosepavanamuktāsanaPavanamuktasana
Wounded Peacock Posepungu mayūrāsanaPungu Mayurasana
Yoga Seal Poseyoga mudrāYoga Mudra

The Fun Approach: Learn Yoga Poses Names with Stick Figures

Yoga stick figures make the learning process much simpler. They serve as visual aids that you can refer to any time you need to.

Stick Figures: Your Secret Weapon for Learning Yoga Pose Names

When you’re learning yoga, figuring out the names of the poses can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, I’ve got a fun and effective way to help you! By using stick figures, you can visually link each pose’s shape with its name. This way, the Sanskrit names won’t seem so foreign anymore. Each time you see the stick figure in a particular pose, your brain will start to connect it with the corresponding Sanskrit name. Whether it’s a quick reminder before your yoga class or a mini self-study session on your coffee break, learning yoga pose names has never been this easy and enjoyable.

Yoga Cards for a Handy Reference (+ Free Yoga Cards)

If you’re someone who prefers a more portable option, you might love my printable cards. Each card features a yoga stick figure and the Sanskrit name of the pose. You can carry these cards with you, making it easy to practice or revise the poses wherever you are.

I offer two packs of Yoga Cards, Part 1 and Part 2, each containing different poses for a varied and comprehensive practice.

If you just want to dip your toes in, there’s good news: you can start with a set of 24 cards available for free download. This allows you to try out some poses, experience the benefits, and get a taste of what the full packs have to offer.

The Yoga Cards are easy to use, super convenient, and make learning yoga pose names a breeze. Enjoy your practice at your own pace, and see how these yoga cards can support your journey.

The Ultimative Yoga Pose Cheat Sheet

For a more structured learning process, I’ve created a cheat sheet. Each pose is accompanied by a stick figure illustration, making it simple to identify and remember the asanas. This resource is perfect for both yoga practitioners and teachers. The printable PDF with Yoga Stick-Figures helps you quickly learn the names of nearly all major poses, saving you time and effort. No more looking up names every time!

Ever wished for a quick reference while practicing yoga? This helpful guide features each pose with a corresponding stick figure, taking the guesswork out of identifying asanas. It’s an excellent resource for anyone, whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or teaching a class. The cheat sheet is a downloadable PDF, filled with Yoga Stick-Figures that provide an easy visual guide to nearly all major yoga poses. Say goodbye to repeatedly searching for pose names, and instead, enjoy a smooth, flowing practice with the Yoga Pose Name Cheat Sheet by your side.

Yoga Posters for Inspiration and Learning

And then there are my posters. These beautifully designed posters feature a collection of yoga stick figures along with their Sanskrit names. They’re not only educational but also make great wall art for your home or yoga studio.

I’ve designed a printable Yoga Poster featuring 180 different poses. It’s a wonderful resource that can transform any space into an instant yoga studio. Each asana is beautifully represented with clear stick figures, so you can easily identify and replicate the pose. Hang it on your wall for quick reference during your home practice or use it as a teaching tool in a studio. This poster gives you a snapshot of a wide variety of poses, making it easier to plan and enrich your yoga routines. With this poster, you’re just one glance away from guidance on 180 yoga poses.

So, if you’ve ever felt a bit lost with Sanskrit yoga pose names, remember, you’re not alone. And with Yoga Paper, you have a friend to guide you along the way. Let’s make learning about yoga pose names a fun and enriching part of your yoga journey.

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