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Begin your yoga practice by doing Sankalpa Mudra, and notice how it supports you in setting your intention.

Why Setting Your Intention?

Whether you’re a teacher or attend a class, it can be helpful to create an intention for yourself that coincides with the focus of your practice.

This is because it helps your mind and body to be in sync with the process.

Setting an intention isn’t a requirement to begin a yoga practice, but it can allow you to connect to the deeper meaning behind yoga and motivate you to stick with your practice. It is a way of becoming more connected to what you’re doing as you do it. By reminding yourself of this underlying meaning, you are taking time away from the busyness of day-to-day life and connecting to yourself.

Sankalpa Mudra is the art of setting your intention before you begin your practice.

Benefits Of Sankalpa Mudra

  • The union of both hands connects the left and right sides of your brain
  • It helps you to give your thoughts a more firm direction for the moment
  • It supports you to set your intention

Meaning & Sankrit Name

The Sanskrit name of this mudrā is saṅkalpa mudrā सङ्कल्पमुद्रा or saṃkalpa mudrā संकल्पमुद्रा

Saṃkalpa stands for the decision made by your heart.1

How To Do Sankalpa Mudra Step By Step

  • Left hand rests on left thigh, palm facing up
  • Right hand covers the left, palm facing down
  • Bending the joints (like a hanshake)
  • Elbows are relaxed beside the rib cage
  • Close your eyes and set your intention
  • You can visualize a flower in between your hands

Video Tutorial

Sankalpa Mudra Illustration

This illustration was created by Anmark – take a look at here Etsy shop here or her Instagram here!

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