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108 Hatha Yoga Poses (English & Sanskrit Pose Names)

If you like yoga stick-figures or want to learn the Sanskrit and English names of Hatha Yoga poses, this list is great for beginners and yoga teachers.

Printable Hatha Yoga Poster

Whether you’re decorating your yoga space at home or in your yoga studio, this poster is so light and playful that it can be a calming addition to any environment, making practicing, and living a little easier.

  • A printable yoga poster that features the names of 108 common hatha yoga poses.
  • Ideal for yoga teachers, yoga students and anyone who wants to know the name of a pose when they see it!

A yoga space is not just a room where you carry out your practice. You need to create an environment that inspires you to practice and makes you want to come back for more.

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Printable Hatha Yoga Cards

Use them to create personalized sequences, learn the poses names and Sanskrit, or teach them to your kids so they can use their imagination while practicing yoga.

  • They’re a great way to learn the pose names in English and Sanskrit
  • They can be combined in new ways to create your own yoga sequence.
  • Use them to help you study for your yoga teacher training course.
  • They’re an exciting learning tool for kids, too – let them have fun creating their own yoga practice!

These 108 flashcards are intended for practicing yoga at home. The fact that you can print the cards out to practice on your own time and space without the one right way to do anything will help you feel more confident as a student of yoga.

Warrior 1 Pose
Wild Thing Pose

These cards are a great tool to use for teaching or rehearsing for your own class.

Yoga Poses with Sanskrit Pose Names

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Printable Hatha Yoga Poster (Stick-Figures Only)

Decorating a yoga space is a powerful way to create a more peaceful and inviting environment for practicing. Whether you own a studio or teach at home, our this poster is the perfect tool for creating your personal sacred space.

  • A printable yoga poster that features 108 hatha yoga poses with stick-figures

List of 108 Hatha Yoga Pose Names in English and Sanskrit

The name of each yoga posture is given in two languages: English and Sanskrit. This is a list of 108 asanas (postures):

English Pose NameSanskrit Pose NameSanskrit IAST1IAST is the “International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration“. Sanskrit is actually written in Devanāgarī, which is a different writing system than Latin script (the writing system used in English). To make it possible for you to read Sanskrit, Yoga Paper uses the IAST system for writing Sanskrit. Read more about IAST on Wikipedia
Big Toe PosePadangusthasanapādāṅguṣṭhāsana
Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe PoseUtthita Hasta Padangusthasanautthita hasta pādāṅguṣṭhāsana
Reclining Big Toe PoseSupta Padangusthasanasupta pādāṅguṣṭhāsana
Bird of Paradise PoseSvarga Dvijasanasvarga dvijāsana
Boat PoseNavasananāvāsana
Bound Angle PoseBaddha Konasanabaddha koṇāsana
Reclining Bound Angle PoseSupta Baddha Konasanasupta baddha koṇāsana
Bow PoseDhanurasanadhanurāsana
Upward bow /Wheel PoseUrdhva Dhanurasana / Chakrasanaūrdhva dhanurāsana / cakrāsana
Bridge PoseSetu Bandha Sarvangasanasetu bandha sarvāṅgāsana
Camel PoseUstrasanauṣṭrāsana
Cat PoseBidalasana / Marjariasana biḍālāsana / mārjārāsana
Chair PoseUtkatasanautkaṭāsana
Revolved Chair PoseParivrtta Utkatasanaparivṛtta utkaṭāsana
Child’s PoseBalasanabālāsana
Cobra PoseBhujangasanabhujaṅgāsana
Baby Cobra PoseArdha Bhujangasanaardha bhujaṅgāsana
Corpse PoseShavasanaśavāsana
Cow PoseBitilasanabitilāsana
Crane PoseBakasanabakāsana
Crow PoseKakasanakākāsana
Crescent Moon PoseAnjaneyasanaāñjaneyāsana
Revolved Crescent Moon PoseParivrtta Anjaneyasanaparivṛtta āñjaneyāsana
Dolphin PoseArdha Pincha Mayurasanaardha piñca mayūrāsana
Dolphin Plank PoseMakara Adho Mukha Svanasana makara adho mukha śvānāsana
Downward-Facing Dog PoseAdho Mukha Shvanasana adho mukha śvānāsana
1-Legged Downward-Facing Dog PoseEka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasanaekapāda adho mukha śvānāsana
Revolved Downward-Facing Dog PoseParivrtta Adho Mukha Shvanasana parivṛtta adho mukha śvānāsana
Eagle PoseGarudasanagaruḍāsana
Reclining Revolved Eagle PoseSupta Parivrtta Garudasanasupta parivṛtta garuḍāsana
Easy PoseSukhasanasukhāsana
Revolved Easy PoseParivrtta Sukhasanaparivṛtta sukhāsana
Fire Log / Double Pigeon PoseAgnistambhasanaagnistambhāsana
Fish PoseMatsyasanamatsyāsana
5-Pointed Star PoseUtthita Tadasana utthita tāḍāsana
Frog PoseBhekasana bhekāsana
Half Frog PoseArdha Bhekasana ardha bhekāsana
Garland / Yogi’s Squat PoseMalasanamālāsana
Goddess PoseUtkata Konasanautkaṭa koṇāsana
Gorilla PosePadahastasanapādahastāsana
Half Moon PoseArdha Chandrasanaardha candrāsana
Revolved Half Moon PoseParivrtta Ardha Chandrasanaparivṛtta ardha candrāsana
Half Moon Bow PoseArdha Chandra Chapasanaardha candra cāpāsana
Handstand PoseAdho Mukha Vrksasanaadho mukha vṛkṣāsana
Happy Baby PoseAnanda Balasanaānanda bālāsana
Half Happy Baby PoseArdha Ananda Balasanaardha ānanda bālāsana
Supported Headstand PoseSalamba Sirsasanasālamba śīrṣāsana
Head-To-Knee PoseJanu Sirsasanajānu śīrṣāsana
Revolved Head-To-Knee Pose Parivrtta Janu Sirsasanaparivṛtta jānu śīrṣāsana
Hero PoseVirasanavīrāsana
Reclining Hero PoseSupta Virasanasupta vīrāsana
Intense Side Stretch PoseParshvottanasanapārśvottānāsana
Locust PoseSalabhasanaśalabhāsana
Lord of the Dance PoseNatarajasananaṭarājāsana
Lotus PosePadmasanapadmāsana
Marichi’s Pose A PoseMarichyasana 1maricyāsana I
Marichi’s Pose C PoseMarichyasana 3maricyāsana III
Melting Heart PoseAnahatasanaanāhatāsana
Monkey PoseHanumanasanahanumānāsana
Half Monkey PoseArdha Hanumanasanaardha hanumānāsana
Mountain PoseTadasana / Samastitihitāḍāsana / samasthitiḥ
Peacock PoseMayurasanamayūrāsana
Feathered Peacock PosePincha Mayurasanapiñca mayūrāsana
Wounded Peacock PosePungu Mayurasanapungu mayūrāsana
Pigeon PoseKapotasanakapotāsana
King Pigeon PoseRajakapotasanarāja kapotāsana
One-legged King Pigeon PoseEka Pada Rajakapotasanaekapāda rāja kapotāsana
Half Pigeon  PoseArdha Kapotasanaardha kapotāsana
Supine Pigeon PoseSupta Kapotasanasupta kapotāsana
Plank PoseKumbhakasanakumbhakāsana
Side Plank PoseVasisthasanavasiṣṭhāsana
Upward Plank PosePurvottanasanapūrvottānāsana
Plow PoseHalasanahalāsana
Scorpion PoseVrischikasanavṛścikāsana
Seated Forward Bend PosePaschimottanasanapaścimottānāsana
Extended Side Angle PoseUtthita Parshvakonasanautthita pārśvakoṇāsana
Revolved Side Angle PoseParivrtta Parsvakonasanaparivṛtta pārśvakoṇāsana
Side Fetal PoseParsva Savasanapārśva śavāsana
Side Lunge PoseSkandasanaskandāsana
Shoulder Stand PoseSalamba Sarvangasanasālamba sarvāṅgāsana
Sphinx PoseSalamba Bhujangasanasālamba bhujaṅgāsana
Staff PoseDandasanadaṇḍāsana
Inverted Staff PoseViparita Dandasanaviparīta daṇḍāsana
1-Legged Inverted Staff PoseEka Pada Viparita Dandasanaekapāda viparīta daṇḍāsana
Four-Limbed Staff PoseChaturanga Dandasanacaturaṅga daṇḍāsana
Half Four-Limbed Staff PoseArdha Chaturanga Dandasanaardha caturaṅga daṇḍāsana
Standing Forward Bend PoseUttanasanauttānāsana
Standing Half Forward Bend PoseArdha Uttanasanaardha uttānāsana
Supine Twist PoseSupta Matsyendrasanasupta matsyendrāsana
Thread the Needle PoseParsva Balasanapārśva bālāsana
Thunderbolt PoseVajrasanavajrāsana
Revolved Thunderbolt PoseParivrtta Vajrasanaparivṛtta vajrāsana
Tree PoseVrikshasanavṛkṣāsana
Extended Triangle PoseUtthita Trikonasanautthita trikoṇāsana
Revolved Triangle PoseParivrtta Trikonasanaparivṛtta trikoṇāsana
Upward-Facing Dog PoseUrdhva Mukha Svanasanaūrdhva mukha śvānāsana
Upward Salute PoseUrdhva Hastasanaūrdhva hāstāsana
Upward Salute Side Bend PoseParsva Urdhva Hastasanapārśva ūrdhva hāstāsana
Warrior 1 PoseVirabhadrasana Ivīrabhadrāsana I
Warrior 2 PoseVirabhadrasana IIvīrabhadrāsana II
Reverse Warrior PoseViparita Virabhadrasanaviparīta vīrabhadrāsana
Humble Warrior PoseBaddha Virabhadrasanabaddha vīrabhadrāsana
Warrior 3 PoseVirabhadrasana IIIvīrabhadrāsana III
Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend PoseUpavistha Konasanaupaviṣṭa koṇāsana
Wide-Legged Forward Bend PosePrasarita Padottanasanaprasārita pādottānāsana
Wild Thing PoseCamatkarasanacamatkārāsana
Wind-Relieving PosePavanamuktasanapavanamuktāsana
1-Legged Wind-Relieving PoseEka Pada Pavanamuktasanaekapāda pavanamuktāsana

Yoga Stick Figures

Yoga stick figures are an innovative way to learn yoga poses. You’ll find all 108 of them on this yoga poster and on these yoga flashcards.

108 Hatha Yoga Poses with Stick-Figures and Pose Names in Sanskrit and English
108 Yoga Poses with Stick-Figures
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