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Yoga Poses illustrated with stick figures: download yoga stick figure poses to create your sequences on Instagram or to print at home!

FREE Yoga Stick Figures (PNG)

  • Download high-quality yoga stick figure poses for free.
  • Use them to create visually appealing yoga sequences to share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.
  • 4 Design options for better visibility and flexibility:
    • LIGHT: Thinner lines for a sleek and modern appearance
    • BOLD: Thicker lines for better visibility on smaller displays
    • Black lines for clear contrast on lighter backgrounds
    • White lines for optimal contrast on darker backgrounds
  • Each of these 4 design options is available in two different sizes:
    • Square-sized: where all files have the same dimensions and stick figures maintain a consistent position
    • Icons: with varying file sizes depending on the pose

Discover How Yoga Stick Figures Can Transform Your Yoga Teaching and Online Presence

Are you a yoga teacher or yoga student looking for a simple and effective way to create visually appealing yoga sequences for your classes, social media, or personal practice? Look no further! Yoga stick figures are the perfect solution to all your yoga-related design needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using yoga stick figures, and how Yoga Paper’s products can help you take your teaching and online presence to the next level.

400+ Yoga Poses Illustrated with Stick Figures

Download over 400 yoga stick figure poses to create your sequences for Instagram or to print at home!

What’s included:

  • Over 400 high-quality illustrations
  • Classical yoga poses, variations, bandhas, mudras, and chakras
  • Design options for better visibility and flexibility:
  • An overview file with the English pose names

The Benefits of Using Yoga Stick Figures

Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Yoga stick figures are free from gender, age, ethnicity, or body shape biases, making them inclusive and suitable for everyone.
  • Perfect for creating an inclusive environment in your classes and representing yoga in a more diverse and inclusive way.

Visual Learning Made Easy

  • Minimalistic stick-figure illustrations make it easier for visual learners to remember the poses.
  • Help students to visualize the poses and their variations, improving their understanding and practice.

Time-saving and Professional

  • Save time by using pre-made illustrations instead of drawing your own stick figures.
  • Give your yoga classes and lesson plans a consistent, professional touch.

How To Download 400+ Yoga Stick Figure Poses

  1. Purchase on Etsy:

    Click here

  2. Once your payment is confirmed, you can download the files

  3. Create your own sequences in Canva or choose another application

A Helpful Tool for Yoga Teachers: Empower Your Yoga Teaching with Stick Figures

As a yoga teacher, offering sequences helps you to attract students, refresh your classes and create yogic communities by sharing your knowledge with the world. Home-made sequences make an ideal addition to your online yoga class.

Attract Students and Build Communities

  • Offering sequences helps attract students and refresh your classes.
  • Share your knowledge and create yogic communities through your online yoga class.

Enhance Your Online Presence

  • Simplify the process of creating social media posts and materials for your yoga classes.
  • Save time and create clear visual content for your yoga students.
  • Give every student and every lesson the same professional touch – no more handwritten cheat sheets.

Conclusion: Yoga stick figures are an invaluable tool for yoga teachers and yoga students alike. They make it easy to create visually appealing, inclusive, and professional sequences for your classes and online presence. Download Yoga Paper’s free and premium yoga stick figure products today, and watch your yoga teaching and social media game flourish!

List of Yoga Poses

There are 253 yoga poses included, as well as many variations, bandhas, mudras and chakras.

  1. Accomplished Pose
  2. Airplane Pose
  3. Ankle Stretch Pose
  4. Archer Shooting Bow Pose
  5. Baby Cobra Pose
  6. Baby Cradle Pose
  7. Ball Pose
  8. Bharadvajas Twist A Pose
  9. Big Toe Pose
  10. Bird Of Paradise Pose
  11. Boat Pose
  12. Bound Angle Headstand Pose
  13. Bound Angle Pose
  14. Bound Crescent Moon Pose
  15. Bound Infinity Pose
  16. Bound Lizard Pose
  17. Bound Lotus Pose
  18. Bound Wheel Pose
  19. Bow Pose
  20. Bridge Building Pose
  21. Bridge Pose
  22. Broken Wing Pose
  23. Camel Pose
  24. Cat Cow Hip Circles Pose (2 Variations)
  25. Cat Pose (5 Variations)
  26. Chair Cactus Arms Pose
  27. Chair Pose
  28. Chest-Knees-Chin Pose
  29. Childs Pose (5 Variations)
  30. Cobra Pose
  31. Corpse Pose (2 Variations)
  32. Cow Face Pose (3 Variations)
  33. Cow Pose (3 Variations)
  34. Cowherd Pose
  35. Crane Pose
  36. Crescent Lunge Pose
  37. Crescent Lunge Twist Pose
  38. Crescent Moon Twist Pose
  39. Crocodile Pose (3 Variations)
  40. Crow Pose
  41. Dolphin Plank Pose (2 Variations)
  42. Dolphin Pose
  43. Double Big Toe Pose
  44. Downward-Facing Dog Pose (3 Variations)
  45. Eagle Pose
  46. Ear Pressure Pose (2 Variations)
  47. Eight Angle Pose
  48. Elephant Trunk Pose
  49. Embryo In Womb Pose
  50. Equestrian Pose
  51. Extended Childs Pose
  52. Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose
  53. Extended Leg Pose
  54. Extended Side Angle Pose
  55. Extended Side Angle Pose(4 Variations)
  56. Extended Triangle Pose
  57. Extended Triangle Prep Pose
  58. Feathered Peacock Pose
  59. Feet-Behind-The Head A Pose
  60. Feet-Behind-The Head B Pose
  61. Figure Four Pose
  62. Fire Hydrant Pose
  63. Fire Log / Double Pigeon Pose
  64. Firefly Pose (3 Variations)
  65. Fish Pose (2 Variations)
  66. Five-Pointed Star Pose
  67. Floating Staff Pose
  68. Flying Pigeon Pose
  69. Flying Splits Pose
  70. Foot-Behind-The-Head Pose (3 Variations)
  71. Four-Limbed Staff Pose
  72. Frog B Pose
  73. Frog M Pose
  74. Garland Pose
  75. Gate Pose
  76. Goddess Pose (3 Variations)
  77. Gorilla Pose
  78. Grasshopper B Pose
  79. Grasshopper C Pose
  80. Half Boat Pose
  81. Half Bound Lotus Forward Bend Pose
  82. Half Bound Lotus Pose
  83. Half Bow Pose
  84. Half Circle Pose
  85. Half Cow Face Pose (2 Variations)
  86. Half Four-Limbed Staff Pose
  87. Half Frog M Pose
  88. Half Frog Pose
  89. Half Happy Baby Pose
  90. Half Hero Pose
  91. Half Locust Pose
  92. Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose (2 Variations)
  93. Half Lotus Pose
  94. Half Lotus Tree Pose
  95. Half Monkey Pose
  96. Half Moon Bow Pose
  97. Half Moon Pose
  98. Half Pigeon Pose (3 Variations)
  99. Half Reclining Hero Pose (3 Variations)
  100. Half Wheel Pose
  101. Handstand Pose
  102. Happy Baby Pose
  103. Head-To-Knee Pose (3 Variations)
  104. Hero Pose (3 Variations)
  105. Heron Pose
  106. High Lunge Pose (26 Variations)
  107. Himalayana Duck Pose
  108. Horse Face Pose
  109. Humble Flamingo Pose
  110. Humble Warrior Pose
  111. Infinity Pose
  112. Intense Side Stretch Pose (2 Variations)
  113. Inverted Locust Pose
  114. Inverted Staff Pose (2 Variations)
  115. King Pigeon Pose
  116. Knee Hug Pose
  117. Leaping Dragon Pose
  118. Little Thunderbolt Pose
  119. Lizard Pose
  120. Locust Pose
  121. Lord of the Dance Pose
  122. Lord Of The Fishes Pose
  123. Lotus Pose
  124. Low Lunge Pose (26 Variations)
  125. Marichis Pose A
  126. Marichis Pose B
  127. Marichis Pose C
  128. Marichis Pose D
  129. Melting Heart Pose
  130. Monkey Pose
  131. Mountain Pose (5 Variations)
  132. Noose Pose
  133. One-Legged Bridge Pose
  134. One-Legged Down­ward-Facing Dog Pose (3 Variations)
  135. One-Legged Inverted Staff Pose (2 Variations)
  136. One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (3 Variations)
  137. One-Legged Mountain Pose
  138. One-Legged Plank Pose
  139. One-Legged Scorpion Pose
  140. One-Legged Shoulderstand Pose
  141. One-Legged Upward Bow Pose
  142. One-Legged Wind-Relieving Pose
  143. Peacock Pose
  144. Pendant Pose
  145. Pigeon Pose (2 Variations)
  146. Plank Pose (2 Variations)
  147. Plank Round Back Pose
  148. Plow Pose
  149. Rabbit Pose (2 Variations)
  150. Reclining Angle Pose
  151. Reclining Baby Cradle Pose
  152. Reclining Big Toe Pose
  153. Reclining Bound Angle Pose (2 Variations)
  154. Reclining Hands On Belly And Heart Pose
  155. Reclining Hero Pose (3 Variations)
  156. Reclining Knee Circles Pose
  157. Reclining Knee Rolls Pose
  158. Reclining Pigeon Pose
  159. Reclining Revolved Eagle Pose
  160. Reclining Staff Pose
  161. Reclining Thunderbolt Pose (2 Variations)
  162. Reclining Tortoise Pose
  163. Reclining Tree Pose
  164. Reclining Twist Pose (6 Variations)
  165. Reclining Windshield Wipers Pose
  166. Reclining Windshield Wipers Twist Pose
  167. Resting Half Frog M Pose
  168. Reverse Corpse Pose (3 Variations)
  169. Reverse Table Pose
  170. Reverse Triangle Pose
  171. Reverse Warrior Pose
  172. Revolved Boat Pose
  173. Revolved Bound Crescent Moon Pose
  174. Revolved Bound Side Angle Pose
  175. Revolved Chair Pose
  176. Revolved Crescent Lunge Pose
  177. Revolved Crescent Moon Pose
  178. Revolved Crescent Moon Pose (2 Variations)
  179. Revolved Down­ward-Facing Dog Pose
  180. Revolved Goddess Pose
  181. Revolved Half Lotus Pose
  182. Revolved Half Moon Pose
  183. Revolved Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose
  184. Revolved Head-To-Knee Pose
  185. Revolved Reclining Big Toe Pose
  186. Revolved Side Angle Pose (2 Variations)
  187. Revolved Split-Legged Headstand Pose
  188. Revolved Squat Pose
  189. Revolved Thunderbolt Pose
  190. Revolved Triangle Pose
  191. Revolved Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose
  192. Rooster Pose
  193. Runners Lunge Pose
  194. Sage Visvamitras Pose
  195. Scale Lifted Lotus Pose
  196. Scorpion Handstand Pose
  197. Scorpion Pose
  198. Seated A Pose (12 Variations)
  199. Seated B Pose (19 Variations)
  200. Seated Forward Bend Pose (2 Variations)
  201. Shoulder Press Pose
  202. Shoulder Stand Pose
  203. Side Bow Pose
  204. Side Crow Pose
  205. Side Fetal Pose
  206. Side Lunge Pose
  207. Side Plank Pose (5 Variations)
  208. Side Plow Pose
  209. Sleeping Yogi Pose
  210. Snake Pose
  211. Sphinx Pose
  212. Staff Pose
  213. Standing Backbend Pose
  214. Standing Forward Bend Pose (4 Variations)
  215. Standing Half Forward Bend Pose (3 Variations)
  216. Standing Hip Circles Pose
  217. Standing Shoulder Rolls Pose
  218. Standing Splits Pose
  219. Standing Thigh Stretch Pose
  220. Supported Headstand Pose
  221. Swaying Palm Tree Pose
  222. Table Pose (4 Variations)
  223. Table Twist Pose
  224. Thread The Needle Pose
  225. Three Parts Forward Bend Pose
  226. Thunderbolt Pose
  227. Tiger Pose
  228. Toe Squat Pose
  229. Tortoise Pose
  230. Tree Pose (4 Variations)
  231. Tripod Headstand Pose
  232. Twisted 1-Legged Arm Balance Pose
  233. Unsupported Tiger Pose
  234. Upward Bow Pose
  235. Upward Facing Dog Pose
  236. Upward Facing Dog Twist Pose
  237. Upward Facing Forward Bend Pose
  238. Upward Lotus Pose
  239. Upward Plank Pose
  240. Upward Salute Pose (2 Variations)
  241. Upward Salute Side Bend Pose
  242. Warrior 1 Pose
  243. Warrior 2 Pose
  244. Warrior 3 Pose
  245. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend Pose (3 Variations)
  246. Wide-Legged Childs Pose
  247. Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose (4 Variations)
  248. Wild Thing Pose
  249. Wind-Relieving Pose
  250. Windshield-Wipers Pose
  251. Winged Dragon Pose
  252. Wounded Peacock Pose
  253. Yoga Seal Pose

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16 Free Yoga Stick Figure Poses

FREE Yoga Stick Figures (PNG)

You can download high quality illustrations of yoga stick figure poses to create visually appealing yoga sequences and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

350 Yoga Stick Figures

350 Yoga Poses Illustrated with Stick Figures

Download 350 yoga stick figure poses to create your sequences for Instagram or to print at home!

  • What’s included:
  • 350 stickfigures:
  • 350 PNGs
  • Classical yoga poses and variations

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