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There are days when you feel as though your life is spiraling out of control – and you need something to calm you down. This Yin Yoga sequence is a simple way to relieve stress.

Yesterday my thoughts were all over the place and I couldn’t focus on anything. I’ve had a very exhausting time in the last few days/weeks. I thought I’m fine but I was not.

I knew I had to do something about it, so I went on my yoga mat without a plan. I simply listened and practiced what my body told me. This sequence is nothing special, but it doesn’t have to be special. It simply needs to do one thing: Relieve stress.

And let me tell you: 2 minutes into deer pose I felt my brain letting go and my body completely surrendering. It can be that simple.

Sequence Overview

Yin Yoga Pose (5-10 minutes)Counter Pose (1-2 minutes)
Butterfly PoseCorpse with bolster under knees
Deer Pose (both sides)Child’s Pose
Corpse with bolster under kneesSide Fetal Pose
yin yoga sequence 'calm down' yin poses and counter poses
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