Printable Downloads for Yoga Students and Yoga Teachers: Yoga Stick-Figures, Chakras, Mantras and More!

Printable Yoga Posters

Decorating a yoga space is a powerful way to create a more peaceful and inviting environment for practicing.

Whether you’re decorating your yoga space at home or in your studio, these printable downloads are so light and playful that they can be a calming addition to any environment, making practicing, and living a little easier.

Printable Yoga Cards with Stick Figures

A great way to learn yoga pose names in English and Sanskrit
  • They can be combined in new ways to create your own yoga sequence.
  • Use them to study for your yoga teacher training
  • They’re an exciting learning tool for kids, too – let them have fun creating their own yoga practice!

Chakra Designs

Each chakra has different colours and sounds.

A yoga space is not just a room where you carry out your practice. You want to create an environment that inspires you to practice and makes you want to come back for more.

Printable Yoga Sequences

Including Stick-Figures and Pose Names

These printable yoga sequences have all the instructions you need to practice yoga on your own.

Hi, my Name is Chiara!

I'm here to support you on your yoga journey.

I’m a graphic designer and yoga teacher, but I also have a degree in linguistics. I like to create designs that are both functional and elegant.


  • Wonderful product accompanied by outstanding customer service. Very happy.

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  • I’m absolutely blown away by the lines, the clarity and simplicity of you work, Chiara. And to top it all, you have a yogic heart. LOVE it!!! More power to you!

    Etsy Review
  • Simple yet beautifully designed! Chiara was very responsive and accommodating to my requests. Thank you, Chiara!

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