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This 3-part Vinyāsa Yoga Flow is designed to let go of tension of your upper body and helps you to release tightness in your shoulders, chest and back. It opens your heart gently. All 3 parts end with Anāhatāsana (Melting Heart Pose), followed by a nourishing Child’s Pose.

Printable Download

3 Sequences to print at home

Including: Breathing, stick-figures, pose names.

With this simple breathing instructions, connecting your breathing to your movements becomes more easy. The stick-figures give you a rough idea which pose we’re talking about. Pose names are mostly written in English and Sanskrit, sometimes only English. If the pose is more complex, I added some extra cues.

Why 3 parts?

Part 1 is for beginners, part 2 is slightly advanced and part 3 is the final and most difficult one. I suggest that you always start your practice with part 1, then part 2, then part 3, so your body is warmed up and prepared for more complex poses later.

How to use the “Inhale” and “Exhale” instructions

You enter each pose with either an inhale or an exhale. Once you’re in the pose, you can choose how many breaths you stay there. My suggestion is that you stay for a couple of breaths first while you take some time to allign yourself. Once you’re familiar with the poses of a sequence, you can start to move faster, until the whole sequence feels like one constant movement. This is Vinyāsa Flow.

Anahata Flow Yoga Sequence: Part 1

  • Both beginner friendly and a nice warm up for more experienced yogīs and yoginīs (practitioners of yoga).
  • If you are a beginner, practice part 1 until you feel safe here. Then you can add part 2 to your practice.
  • If you don’t feel like sitting on your heels, you can sit on a block, on a chair or in any other comfortable seating position.

Anahata Flow Yoga Sequence: Part 2

  • If part 1 is easy for you, do part 2 next.
  • Practice this sequence at least twice (once per side).

Anahata Flow Yoga Sequence: Part 3

  • The final and more advanced sequence.
  • Practice this sequence at least twice (once per side).

This printable file is not replacing a yoga teacher. It is not a detailed manual and every pose is complex. I created this sequence to give you an inspiration for your yoga practice.

If you have questions, suggestions, feedback, no matter what: let me know what’s on your mind!


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Hi! My name is Chiara! I am the founder of Yoga Paper. I'm a yoga teacher, graphic designer and linguist – now combining these things to create illustrative tools to help you on your yoga journey!
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