Designer and yoga teacher

Hi! My name is Chiara

I’m a certified yoga teacher for Haṭha Yoga (Vinyāsa Krama), Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

I graduated from University of Vienna with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, where I also studied Sanskrit.

Besides teaching yoga, I have been working as a graphic designer for over a decade.

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria (Europe).

Yoga student22 years
yoga teacher4 years
Sanskrit student4 years
Graphic Designer11 years
on planet earth28 years

I value

  • clarity
  • helpful information
  • intelligent sequencing
  • correct Sanskrit
  • making things understandable
  • honoring all bodies and their differences

Why Yoga Paper?

  • Yoga can be confusing
  • Most yoga books and websites are not using proper Sanskrit
  • Most yoga books and websites are confusing
  • I have the skills to build holistic and intelligent sequences
  • I have the skills to research yoga words
  • I love drawing and writing

Why Digital Downloads?

No shipping time, makes lower prices possible, better for the environment and accessible for everybody.

Any questions?

If your questions have not been answered, use the contact form or write a message directly to chiara[at]!


I’m currently taking in commissioned work if your inquiry alligns with the concept of Yoga Paper. If you want to work with me, write me a message!

for yoga students

I create yoga sequences and pose overviews. Download, print and start your practice!

for yoga teachers

If you’re a yoga teacher who creates workbooks or teaching manuals, contact me to use my stick-figures for your documents.

for your yoga space

If you want to decorate your yoga space, take a look at my Etsy shop!

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