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What is the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra? Read more about what Chakras are!

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  • Chakra Name in Sanskrit
  • Chakra Name in English
  • Yantras (symbols)
  • Bija-Mantras
  • Comes in two sizes: Din A4 and Letter

List of 7 Chakras with English and Sanskrit Names

You have seven chakras from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Chakra No.English NameCommon Sanskrit NameCorrect Sanskrit Name
1Root ChakraMuladhara ChakraMūlādhāra Cakra
2Sacral ChakraSwadhisthana ChakraSvādhiṣṭhāna Cakra
3Solar Plexus ChakraManipura ChakraMaṇipūra Cakra
4Heart ChakraAnahata ChakraAnāhata Cakra
5Throat ChakraVishuddha ChakraViśuddha Cakra
6Third-Eye ChakraAjna ChakraĀjñā Cakra
7Crown ChakraSahasrara ChakraSahasrāra Cakra

What Is A Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers along your spine that align with your body’s physical and spiritual systems. They are models of how the energy in your body is connected. Theories of chakras are diverse but all agree that the chakras are energy centers of the subtle body.1Clark p. 72-74

Each chakra is responsible for a variety of bodily functions and emotions.2Nicolai Bachman (2004): The Language Of Yoga, p. 23

Meaning and Pronunciation

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.

  • Sanskrit: Cakra
  • Devanāgarī: चक्र
  • Say: chuhk-ruh
  • Meaning: wheel3nws.uzi.uni-halle.de

6 Things Each Chakra has

  1. A color
  2. Petals of the lotus flower
  3. A Yantra (geometrical shape)
  4. A Bīja Mantra
  5. An animal symbol
  6. A higher or divine symbol.4Swami Satyananda Saraswati (1993) Kundalini Tantra, p. 74

Chakra Downloads

Aesthetics meet education in the unique, printable downloads I’ve designed featuring yoga chakras. These Chakra Chart PDFs are a perfect blend of minimalistic style and informative content, elegantly presenting the chakra names in Sanskrit alongside their corresponding symbols. More than just a visual treat, the chart serves as a subtle learning tool that beautifully decorates your yoga space, enriching it with the profound wisdom of ancient yoga. So, whether you’re practicing yoga, meditating, or simply enjoying some quiet time, the chart adds a visually pleasing touch that subtly reinforces your understanding of the chakras.

Poster: 7 Chakra Symbols (PDF)

There is one symbol per chakra. The simplicity of this art makes it great as art for your own home or as a gift for someone else.

This chakra art wallpaper includes:

  • Yantras (symbols)
  • Mantra Symbols
  • 4 different sizes: 24×36“, 18×24“, Din A1, Din A3

7 Posters: Individual Chakras (PDF)

You can place it on your altar or use to do a meditation by focusing on one chakra at a time.

These 7 chakra designs include:

  • Yantras (Symbols)
  • English and Sanskrit names
  • Definitions and Meaning
  • 2 sizes: Letter, A4

Poster: 7 Chakras + Names (PDF)

Looking for a creative, stylish way to decorate your yoga studio or your yoga space at home?

This chakra art wallpaper includes:

  • English and Sanskrit names
  • Yantras (symbols)
  • Mantras
  • 4 different sizes: 24×36“, 18×24“, Din A1, Din A3

Icons: Chakra Symbols (JPG, PNG)

Use these chakra icons to create designs in Canva, for Instagram highlights or to create useful documents for your yoga students.

  • 77 icons
  • 7 different desigs

Chakra Pronunciation Guide: How to Pronounce The Chakras

How to pronnounce the Sanskrit names of the 7 chakras:

  1. Mūlādhāra Cakra = Moolaa-dhaa-ruh chuhk-ruh
  2. Svādhiṣṭhāna Cakra = Svaa-dhisht-haa-nuh chuhk-ruh
  3. Maṇipūra Cakra = Muh-ni-poor-uh chuhk-ruh
  4. Anāhata Cakra = Uh-naa-huh-tuh chuhk-ruh
  5. Viśuddha Cakra = Vishuud-huh chuhk-ruh
  6. Ājñā Cakra = Aaj-nyaa chuhk-ruh
  7. Sahasrāra Cakra = Suh-hus-raa-ruh chuhk-ruh

The 7 Chakras Explained: Meaning, Symbols, Mantras, Colours and Definitions

Every chakra is associated with a location in your body, a colour, a bīja mantra, a shape and a function.

Please note: The colours of the chakra vary from source to source, it’s not consistent. I included the colours most associated with each chakra. If you concentration on a chakra you realize another colour, then that is the truth for you.5Swami Satyananda Saraswati (1993) Kundalini Tantra, p. 74

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